Located on South Ocean Blvd in the North Myrtle Beach area, the Atlantic Breeze Myrtle Beach Ocean Resort is in a little more quiet location than its sister property, the Anderson Resort Myrtle Beach. There are many benefits to staying in the Atlantic Breeze Myrtle Beach Resort due to its Oceanfront location. The Hotel building itself is a full 15 stories high and has a rooftop pool on the 5th floor. What a great place to take a splash and enjoy a fantastic vantage point of the ocean.

Furnished Suites

You will not find any “Standard” Hotel Rooms at the Atlantic Breeze North Myrtle Beach. Each of the accommodations are either 2 or 3 Bedroom Suites with all of the amenities you would expect from a comfortable Condo on the Beach. Having a total of 90 Condominiums, there is plenty of space for your family to enjoy their home at the beach during their vacation week. The 2 Bedroom Suites are Ocean View while the 3 Bedroom Suites are Oceanfront. The large balconies have plenty of seating to enjoy breakfast or a cup of coffee while watching the people below setup for a day of sun and sand. All of the Condos come with a fully equipped Kitchen and have full size appliances for easy dining in if you prefer. A washer and dryer are standard in each room type and a private whirlpool tub is in all of the rooms for that romantic evening together. These suites are very large and offer plenty of space for large families. The 2 Bedroom units can sleep up to 8 guests while the 3 Bedrooms offer enough space for 10.

Atlantic Breeze Ocean Resort Reviews


With a 90% above average rating, you expect nothing but the best when staying at the Atlantic Breeze Myrtle Beach. Most of the reviews are wonderful and share great experiences of staying on the Ocean. The Rooms are said to be clean and having a Kitchen with everything you need to cook with is a wonderful home feel. The Parking is free to guests and the in-hotel garage gives you a comfortable feeling when leaving you car.

* Estimate of Rating Levels

Above Average - 90%
Average - 5%
Below Average - 5%

On a more negative note, it seems like some of the rental management companies might be better at managing their properties than others. While most feel that the Condos are in prime condition, there are some who feel they are outdated and not well maintained. Still, at a 90% approval rating, the chances are good you will end up with a room that is suitable.

Take some time and look at the Atlantic Breeze Ocean Resort TripAdvisor Reviews to see all of the latest and up to date reviews.

* Rating Levels were created from TripAdvisor information at the time of adding this property. Please check the Atlantic Breeze Ocean Resort TripAdvisor Reviews to see if any changes to the ratings have changed before booking.

Beach Sounds are the best from your own Balcony

Taking a beach trip is a great way to spend time with the family. Staying on the Beach is even better. Each and every morning, all you have to do is open your sliding glass doors and smell the ocean breeze at the Atlantic Breeze Myrtle Beach. Fix a cup of coffee and take in the enjoyment of each day. The most difficult part of your stay will be packing up and leaving.

Pools and Lazy River

Pools are unique at the Atlantic Breeze Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort. An indoor pool can be found on the 5th floor but what makes this pool stand out are the sliding glass doors lining one full wall that opens up to a large sun deck during the warmer seasons. Another Outdoor pool is on the main level along with a beautiful Lazy River that flows from Outside to Inside expanding on the different feel you get from the Atlantic Breeze Myrtle Beach Pool Experience. Relaxation is the key when taking any vacation, especially a beach vacation. Lounge chairs line the pool areas at the Atlantic Breeze Myrtle Beach and Hot Tubs add another level of peace and contentment for your stay.

Dining at the Myrtle Beach Atlantic Breeze

There are not any restaurants listed at the Atlantic Breeze Myrtle Beach Resort. Being in North Myrtle Beach, there are not as many restaurants nearby but if you take a short drive up to North Kings Hwy, you will find plenty of locations to dine.