Oh, the smell of the salt water, sand and the amazing breezes from your Oceanfront Room. There is nothing better than staying at Myrtle Beach Hotels Oceanfront where you are just steps away from the sand. Open your balcony doors and listen to the crashing waves all night long. So many people purchase the sounds of the ocean waves to deal with stress in their lives. Why not live a little and enjoy your very own vacation spot where you can hear the sounds of peace and tranquility during your entire stay.

Myrtle Beach Hotels Oceanfront

You might save a little money by staying a block or two away from the beach but will you enjoy your time as much? I guess that really depends on what you are trying to get out of your stay. If you are wanting the entire Beach experience, there is nothing else that can provide it like one of the Myrtle Beach Hotels Oceanfront. Take your coffee out on the balcony, sit down and watch, hear and smell the invitation of the waves. If you have never done it before, you are in for a real treat and if you have lived this close to the surf before, you know exactly what I mean.

There are a number of locations that offer this type of spectacular view, take the Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort for example. This place has the largest on-site water park in Myrtle Beach but you need to be careful when booking to make sure you get into the correct room. There are multiple buildings that make up this resort and one of them is directly on the Beach and the other is across the street. Be sure you ask for Ocean or Beach front and not just Ocean-view. This is true for other areas as well so make sure you book a Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Hotel the first time.

Water Fun by the Shoreline

Staying near the Shore is sure to bring some peace to your trip but you are also here to have some fun, right? Myrtle Beach has grown over the years and is now a playground for Spring Break and also a great place to bring the family because of the amazing things to do around the area. You will find that many of the Myrtle Beach Hotels Oceanfront are competing very hard for you to stay at their property. With that said, you can find many that will offer onsite water fun like a lazy river or water slide but you will find others that give you free access to the Water Parks to entice you with additional thrills. This can make it more difficult to make your decision but having all of the places to stay in one place helps to narrow down the search a little.

On the Ocean further North

Yes, the coast continues on past the main area around Myrtle Beach. Head a little further North and you will still find locations that offer a lot of water excitement. The Oceanfront Hotels in North Myrtle Beach offer a little more relaxing and soothing places to stay but be assured that some of these locations have great things to enjoy as well.

Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels