Staying in one of the Hotels in Myrtle Beach with Water Slides makes an already good Family Vacation Great. Think of the simple enjoyment your kids have by playing in a regular swimming pool. When you book Hotels in Myrtle Beach with Water Slides, it adds another level of fun and enjoyment for the entire family. If you have smaller children, you also want to look for a play areas with toddler slides and zero entry access. Some of the Myrtle Beach Hotels with Water Slides have sizes to fit all ages.

Myrtle Beach Hotels with Water Slides

When you arrive at the beach, the first thing that the kids want to do is go to the pool and check out the fun they will be having during the week. It is always nice, if possible, to provide them with something that adds excitement. There are many properties that offer water fun but not all of them have access to a Water Slide.

Access to a Water Park?

Even if you stay at a Myrtle Beach Hotel with Water Slides located on the property grounds, there are some locations that also add in the option of Free Tickets or Access to a nearby full size Water Park. The Sands Resorts offer FREE access to the Wild Water & Wheels Water Park. This park adds a lot of water value, having its own wave pool, multiple large and small water slides, lazy river and even a place for the younger kids to splash and have fun. If you stay at any of the Plantation Resort properties, they also share a 50,000 Square foot Water Park.

Water Slides at North Myrtle Hotels

You do not really find to many places in North Myrtle Beach that offer the same exciting items that you find in the more Southern region but there are a couple to consider if you want a little more than a swimming pool. The Water Slides in the Northern section are very scarce but there are some to consider.

Myrtle Beach Hotels Water Slides