You might think the only reason to find one of the Myrtle Beach Hotels with Indoor Pool would be if you were visiting during the off season but this is not really the case for many people. Think about it, you are having a great time at the beach, building sand castles, walking along the shore, finding seashells and even taking a splash in the waves while you loose track of time. Doesn’t sound so bad except you forgot to reapply sunscreen. Now you are a little pinker than you wanted but the kids still want to play in the water. It is a good thing you booked one of the Myrtle Beach Hotels with indoor pool, isn’t it?

Other Indoor Fun

Okay, so a sunburn might not be the only reason to head inside, it could be that you have had enough of the heat for the day or you want a change of scenery. Of course, spending time in Myrtle Beach Hotels with Indoor Pool during the off season can be nice with fewer people around but you want to make sure that you plan accordingly and pick one of the Hotels in Myrtle Beach with Indoor Pools to enjoy some water fun relaxation during these cooler months. You might even find some have additional indoor fun like a Hot Tub, Lazy River or even a fun Water Slide. It is worth looking at a few of these to get the best place that the family will enjoy.

Great Indoor Pool Fun

After looking at all of the benefits of staying in Myrtle Beach Hotels with Indoor Pool, it is time to find the right one to accommodate your vacation needs. Even if you are looking to stay at Myrtle Beach Hotels Oceanfront, there are so many places that offer these additional amenities because they are so popular and the hotels want to provide what their guests are interested in. One of the Beachfront locations is the Compass Cove Resort. It offers the quick accessibility of the beach while also offering 2 Indoor Pools, Indoor and Outdoor Hot Tubs along with a full list of additional Outdoor fun to boot.

Don’t Leave out the North Side

Some of us love the thrill from staying on the main drag of Myrtle but others might want to have a little more privacy and seclusion. That is when you head north a few miles to get away from it all. There are North Myrtle Beach Hotels with Indoor Pools for you to choose from if you would like.

Hotels with Indoor Pools in Myrtle Beach