Oceanfront Water Fun for Adults and Kids

Having a nice place to sit and relax by the pool is an important part of any vacation. If you have kids, it is always nice i if there is a little more than jumping in a normal pool. There is no shortage of Marriott Myrtle Beach Ocean Watch Pools to choose from when you visit this resort. As a matter of fact, there is a lot more at water fun than meets the eye at first.

Outdoor Pools

The kids will have a great time at the Marriott Resort and Spa at Grand Dunes Myrtle Beach Pools, especially when they find that there is a large Water Slide. Who doesn’t love a Water Slide? It might be nice having a couple of large outdoor pools but add in the additional features and the kids don’t want to leave. As they are finishing up at the beach for the day, the first thing they will want to do when they get back to the resort it slip and slide away.

Indoor Pool

Escape from the extended heat or bad weather with the Indoor Pool at the Marriott Resort just off of the Outdoor Pool location. This is a nice pool with beautiful surroundings but there are not a lot of places to sit inside. The pool does not have Zero-Entry access so you will need to keep a close eye on any of the smaller children who enter. The shallow end is 3 feet deep and at its deepest it is 5 feet. The building is enclosed with a lot of glass so it is easy to keep any eye on the family inside and out.

Whirlpools Inside and Out

The Whirlpools are not designed for the kids, it is there for you. Relax if you are inside by the Whirlpool located right beside the more shallow end of the Indoor Pool. Set the timer and bubble your cares away. Only if it is for a few minutes, it is a great way to relax for a short time. There is also a large Whirlpool located just outside by the large Outdoor Pool location.

Get a better look at the details of the Indoor and Outdoor pools at the Marriott Resort and Spa at Grand Dunes Quick Facts.