If you are looking for a fun beach location you might want to ask yourself, Where is Myrtle Beach? For those of you who have never heard of this beach location before, Myrtle Beach is located in the North Eastern portion of the State of South Carolina. It is about 70 miles south of Wilmington in NC and 90 miles north of Charleston in SC. Myrtle Beach is a long stretch of continuous beach found in the Grand Strand. The Grand Strand stretches along the coast of South Carolina covering over 60 miles of contiguous Beach Front area.

Top down from a Map of Myrtle Beach

When you are looking down at Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas, you get a good idea of why this is such a great place for tourists to visit. It is not so far south that it is extremely hot all of the time but it is also far enough to enjoy the heat of the summer months. This beach area is so popular and in such a central location on the East Coast that it is where over 14 million visitors each year visit to have an experience from Family Vacations to Spring Break Parties.

Print your directions to Myrtle Beach South Carolina

You can map out your specific route to Myrtle Beach by clicking the marker on the map, select “To Here”, fill in your address in box “A” and click “Get Directions”.

Ways to get to Myrtle Beach

Well, as most people know, U.S. Route 17 runs right along the coast of Myrtle Beach, in fact, it spans all the way from the Northern Parts of Virginia all the way to the Southwestern section of Florida. There are not many who would still travel this route if they were taking the long trip through the Southeastern states but like Route 66 out west, there are many treasures of scenery to see along the way. Since 2002, the completion of the first phase of South Carolina Highway 31 has created a much needed and updated 6 lane highway to get travelers quickly around the Grand Strand area.

Interstates are usually the fastest way to travel by automobile and if you are traveling from the North or the South, it might be best to hop on to Interstate 95 for your travel. This is the closest Interstate to Myrtle Beach and you can get aboard as far North as Maine or as far South as Florida. There are many Interstates from the West that will connect to I-95 so you will more than likely travel on it at some point when visiting the Myrtle Beach Area.