Grounds and Map Overview of the Marriott OceanWatch

Know the layout of the land by having a Marriott Myrtle Beach Ocean Watch Map of the entire property. Isn’t it nice to know where things are before you get to your destination? This overview of the grounds at Marriott OceanWatch Villas shows you where all of the Rooms are and also where each building is situated in relation to the beach. Just knowing that the Starfish, Conch and Scallop buildings have Oceanside and Oceanfront views and also seeing the Top down view gives you a much better perspective of where you will be staying during your vacation week. Below is the Ocean Watch Map but there is also a link for you to download the file as a PDF and print it out if you would like.

Map of the Marriott’s OceanWatch Villa Complex

Download a PDF version of the Oceanwatch Map

Google Map of Marriott Myrtle Beach Ocean Watch Villas

You might also want to have a better layout of the land around the OceanWatch Villas. Here is a Google Map of the area. You can click on the location pin to enter details and find directions to other attractions around the Myrtle Beach area.